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LoudLife: What's Up

WE'RE PLAYING AGAIN!!! - December 13, 2007

Geoff's been in town from China, and we're writing and rehearsing, and gearing up for our shows - check the calendar, there's one on 12/13, and one on 12/15!! Stop shopping for a minute and come and PARTY!! It was way past time for us to play again, so when Geoff said he was coming back for a month, we KNEW we'd be making some noise in NY before he left! In the meantime, I spent these last three months busier than I can remember: In October, I toured with Blackmore's Night (Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night's amazing Renaissance influenced band of minstrels!), and we had a blast playing in the states...and from the summer to the end of the year, I've been doing a LOT of gigs with an Italian girl group that we formed with a couple of friends of mine from the Onstage Italian Artists - we call ourselves Tre Bella (yes, we KNOW it's not grammatically correct, but it's all three part harmony, so it's like we're three-in-one!)...we may even be on the CBS Morning Show this friday the 14th...keep your fingers crossed...and YES, that WAS me with the lovely JoAnn Robertozzi and Theresa Sareo on NBC at the Columbus Day Red Carpet Stage! Thanks for all the acknowledgment calls! I also started my own pro songwriting workshops, called, appropriately, the NY PRO SONG WORKSHOP! If you're interested, I'll be starting it up again at the end of January-early February, so email me at, and I'll give you the details!

Oh, in the past few months, Ida and Sam, our amazing publicists from ISLPR have sent us numerous reviews of the LOUDLIFE CD, all of them glowing, so check out the press's SO nice to feel like we're filling a real 'need' for this year closes, I realize more and more that if you love the music you do, and you do it well, and with passion, no matter what genre it is, no matter what you look like, or what age you are, or what obstacles you think are in your way, there will be AN AUDIENCE for your music! I can't tell you how many stories I hear about this, and how many firsthand experiences I've had with it...this year I've sung everything from wailing-ass rock to Medieval music, to old Neapolitan songs, and it has made me stretch and challenge my voice...and for EVERY genre, there was an AUDIENCE! It's been an exciting year - can't wait for 2008! We'll keep you better updated this coming year, since I have a feeling there will be lots of things to report!!! I guess that's what it means to have a LOUD LIFE!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, and a Jolly Whatever Gives You Cause to Celebrate! Stay warm, and COME SEE US PLAY AT CRASH MANSION ON THE 13th, and at THE ZEBRA CLUB ON THE 15th!!!

Much Love,
Lorraine, Geoff and LOUDLIFE

Where've we been?? - September 9, 2006

Look, I know, I's not like things haven't been HAPPENING, it's just that we haven't updated you here, because...well. it's just been a busy and strange year so far! The BIGGEST news is that LoudLife is getting a new guitarist! Yep, Geoff has moved to CHINA of all things, that's why you haven't been hearing about gigs lately...but believe me, the reviews have been coming in about the CD, and they are AMAZING! I'll be putting them up for you to view! So, the bad news is that Geoff won't be playing the next gigs with us, but the GOOD news is that we'll be PLAYING!!! We are actively searching this moment for the right person, so if you think you've got the chops, email me at, and send me a link to hear your stuff!

All you Long Islanders, check out the calendar 'cause LL is coming to Lefty's in Lindenhurst on October 7th as part of The Girls Rock and Girls Rule Tour! Two of my fav heavy goddess bands are playing it, G-Spot, and Loki the Grump, and the bash starts at 4pm and ends into the wee hours of the night...we'll be on in slot #2, so you'll have to come REALLY early to check us out!

Other GREAT news: LL's been playing on the RADIO! In playlists from Memphis to London, we've been finding out how much classic rock stations LOVE the tunes on the CD! In fact, soon enough, I'll be going down to TN to do an interview with Wes from the Budweiser Music Highway show...I'll be letting you in on all the details as it gets closer...

Ok, I'm running out the door to scream into a mic in Woodstock today (yeah, I'm always singing, even when you don't know about it!), and if you were allowed to come, I'd invite you! Hope you had an amazing summer, and are getting psyched for a kickass fall...I know I AM!

Love Always,
Lorraine from LL

WHAT A BLAST! - October 15, 2005

To all of you who packed into Arlene's on the 6th, Thanks for making the CD release a killer event! We loved every second, and Arlene's is now our favorite place to play! Julia, the booking manager totally rocks, and Ian, the soundman, was meticulous at our soundcheck, and he made all the difference. Thanks to our publicist Ida, and her fantastic assistants, Sam, Jenell, and Michelle for doing so much work to get the event to really 'happen', including getting us a blurb in TIME OUT NY that compared us to Heart, and getting Manic Panic ("wear it LOUD!") on board with those LoudLife lipsticks! I got an email from an actress who came to the show, and then wore her lipstick the next day for a tv show she was filming, and EVERYBODY on the set asked her where she got it. LoudLife lipstick has arrived!

We just registered our CD with CDBaby, so for those of you who were looking for a CD to buy, and didn't know who to ask, you'll be able to buy them there very soon. In the interim, if you are dying to have one of the first run limited edition of 100, we have some, so email us, and we'll hook you up for $10.

A last but not least thank you for all the emails and calls that came pouring in after the show. People said it was a defining moment for them in their lives, their own careers...inspiring...well, the truth is, it felt like that to us too. It was an extraordinary moment for us because of you. For those of you reading this and thinking, "Damn, I shoulda been there", no worries. We thrive on extraordinary moments, so they'll be more opportunities to see the band play! We'll keep you updated!

By the way, tonight there was a songwriters soundstage at the Triad, and 'LoudLife unplugged' did a few songs! Thanks to Erik for playing on the songs! And to the songwriters who put it all together, what a great crowd, and all of you sounded amazing!

If you want to be on the LoudLife mailing list, sign the guestbook, ok? Cause we're about to explode on the scene, and want to take you with us!


CMJ, and the CD release! - September 14, 2005

Well, kids, I'm getting to speak for us indie acts on a panel at CMJ called "Do or DIY", where moderator, Daylle Deanna Schwartz once again shares her wisdom about how to survive in the music industry today! I'm excited about it, because it's our time now, you know? We have more power now to express ourselves without anyone telling us who to be, and we have so many outlets to share our music!

And talking about music, the CD is FINALLY mastered, and off to the duplicators this week...which makes it time for...A CD RELEASE PARTY! Details to follow on that, but hold everything the week of Oct 3rd, because one day that week, you'll be coming to a party to celebrate with us! We'll let you asap so you can fill in your schedules!

That's it for now...thanks for the great support we've been getting lately, you know who you are, and we're very grateful.

The CD is about to be mastered! - July 12, 2005

Finally got the date for mastering the debut LoudLife CD! We are more than excited! Will keep you updated on the official release date!